Mirror Wallet Guide: How to Deposit TerraUSD (UST)

Mirror Wallet, the very first mobile wallet built on Mirror Protocol, is now live on Google Play and Apple Store!

Mirror Wallet is a fully non-custodial mobile wallet. It enables users to purchase the initial 13 “Mirrored Assets” (mAssets) — synthetic assets tracking the prices of the most popular US technology stocks, including Apple, Google, Tesla, Netflix, Twitter, Microsoft Corporation, Amazon and Alibaba — using TerraUSD (UST).

In this step-by-step guide, we will cover the process of depositing UST on the Mirror Wallet.

Methods of Depositing UST

Currently Mirror Wallet supports several methods of funding:

  • Depositing UST by sending UST to the wallet address.
  • Purchasing UST using credit cards through a 3rd-party service provided by MoonPay.
  • Swapping LUNA to UST.

When you first create the account, your wallet has no existing fund, therefore a ‘Deposit Now’ option will be displayed under the Portfolio page.

  • Click on Deposit Now to proceed.
  • Otherwise click on the Wallet icon (top-right) to get to the Wallet Funding page
  • Click Deposit Now

For Sending UST to the wallet address

  • Choose Deposit Terra UST.
  • Copy the wallet address or scan the QR code.
  • Send UST to this address from external exchanges or sources. Make sure you verify the address before sending to avoid the potential loss of funds.

For Purchasing UST using Credit Cards

  • Choose Deposit via MoonPay
  • You will be taken directly to MoonPay’s secure sign-in portal. Specify the amount (UST) to purchase and enter your email address. Follow MoonPay’s on-screen instructions to complete the registration and to purchase UST using credit cards.

Note: Purchasing UST using credit cards via MoonPay is only available for some countries and not for others. Please visit the MoonPay website for more information.

For Swapping LUNA to UST

  • Copy the wallet address or scan the QR code.
  • Send Luna tokens to this address from external exchanges or sources. Make sure you verify the address before sending to avoid the potential loss of funds.
  • Once the Luna token deposit shows up in your account, choose the Swap function.
  • Enter in the amount of Luna tokens to swap, check the UST amount and fees, and click Swap to execute.
  • Review the resulting UST amount and click Done.

Now you can use your UST to trade Mirrored Assets (mAssets)!🎉

Thank you for using Mirror Wallet! Our technical team is working closely with Terra to continuously improve and integrate additional features to the current platform. Stay tuned for new projects built by the community on Mirror Protocol!

Disclaimer: Mirror Wallet may not be available for use in some jurisdictions, and may have limited functionality in others. Users should do their own research to determine whether using Mirror wallet is compliant with local securities regulations. Cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Mirror Wallet is not responsible for any direct, indirect, or consequential losses as a result of the trading. Please make your investments with caution.

Official Channels:

Twitter: @Mirror_Wallet
Mirror Wallet

About Us
The team at
ATQ Capital proudly presents to you the Mirror Wallet. We, as a privately held and self-funded venture firm, focus on investment in blockchain technology, digital assets and DeFi platforms. We have participated in strategic and seed round investments, acquisitions of early stage, pre-listed assets in cryptocurrencies and tokens, while our technical team continues to drive DApps development and contributes to the blockchain ecosystem.




Premier Mobile Wallet Built on Mirror Protocol

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Mirror Wallet

Mirror Wallet

Premier Mobile Wallet Built on Mirror Protocol

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